Warranty terms and conditions

EUROMATIC products are covered by a 3-year limited warranty from the production date printed on the product. During this period, Proteco Srl offers a guarantee in case of malfunction due to construction, material or assembly faults.

Warranty terms are applicable just if the instructions and maintenance included in this manual are fully respected and carried out. Warranty is void when fake spares are used and doesn’t respond for damages due to incorrect installation and force majeure conditions.

Installation and any maintenance works are responsibility of the person installing the system.
In no case and in no way will Proteco Srl be liable to the end user for damages, including any loss of profit, savings or other accidental or indirect damages, resulting from the use or inability to use EUROMATIC products.

Any return without authorization number will be rejected.

Shipment of the returned product and the related costs are the end user/buyer charge.
All defective products shall be returned together with the proof of payment to:

PROTECO Srl Via Neive 77, 12050 Castagnito (CN) – Italia.
Warranty is void when:

  • The product has been treated / stored under abnormal conditions of use and maintenance.
  • The product has been repaired, modified or altered.
  • The product has been subject to misuse, neglect, electrical problems, improper package, accident, or natural events.
  • The product was installed improperly.
  • The product warranty label is illegible or is missing entirely.
  • The malfunction is due to improper installation or to natural and/or accidental causes (eg: falls, oxidation, overvoltage).

When returning a product, remember to include along with the purchase receipt and the return authorization number, all your data (name, surname, address, telephone number and / or e-mail) to allow us to get in touch with you and keep you posted on the status of your return.